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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Perfect planner where are you??

I shared yesterday about my quest for the perfect planner. Now keep in mind when I am on the quest I have to consider how much ink is going to be used while creating this beast perfect product. So in true frugal fashion I have created a completely black and white option.  The idea on these is that you can fill in the month and the date.

Daily Blank Planner Templates

If you are anything like me you need some color in your life so  a few options...
Print on colored paper 
Print on a subtly patterned paper
Use colored markers/pens/pencils
Use colorful stickers
Use Washi Tape

Once again please don't sell my work.  Simply share a link to my post or my blog and we can all be happy.  I share with you, you share with your pals!

Here are the links for download...

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