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Friday, November 21, 2008

And Still Nothing

Well we went to the OB yesterday and no real progress. I am still Dilated to a two! The Dr did strip my membranes which can help bring on labor however in my case it didn't. I am still fighting a cold and sore throat that I have had for a week now. We have gotten the ok to start pumping Breastmilk on Sunday. This could stimulate contractions since the same hormone that produces contractions is released when you pump. So the hope is maybe pumping will get me started good enough to pop out a baby! If not we go back to the Dr on Wednesday, I'm sure she will strip my membranes again and its possible she will up the inducing date to the weekend following Thanksgiving. We aren't sure about this but we think she might be willing to do this.

Until something interesting happens...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Don't be mean to Mommy

Well we went to the OB today and Taylor's head is still pushing against my bladder and her little legs are violently kicking me. She kicked me while I was laying on the table at the Dr's office and made me tear up! The Dr had a little talk with her about not being mean to mommy! I made a little progress...last week I was almost dilated to a 1 this week I am almost to a 2 and 60% thinned out. Dr says if I keep making progress we can talk about inducing earlier, My mother in Law says we might be having Thanksgiving Dinner in the Hospital Cafeteria! My dear husband doesn't like this idea. I think he will change his mind once he is holding Taylor in his arms!

Taylor has got to be out of room because she is kicking with more determination that she ever has is as if she is saying please just let me out or give me more room. I feel like I can't stretch anymore. Will asked if I had his whole baseball team in my tummy and Emma reminded me that my Belly gets bigger every morning she sees it! I laughed at her comment last night then when I got out of the shower this morning I laughed again because she was right. I feel like I gained 10 pounds overnight. Emma keeps talking to my Belly saying "Baby Taylor why don't you come on out of there?" I agree come on out little one!

Friday, November 7, 2008

I can feel her head!

Well we went to the OB today and what do ya know...the Dr. could feel Taylors head! I am a little dilated and our dear child has definitely dropped. YEA! Her head is sitting right on my bladder (very low) and I am having to go potty constantly! We set the date for the inducing...Dec 5th! Just so happens our Dr is on call that day and its a Friday which will give us the weekend in the hospital to start recuperating. We will have weekly visits to the Dr from here on out. Emma is planning on riding in Poppaw's old car for the Veterans Day Parade tomorrow. Last night when I called to check on her she was giving her babies a bath in the sink. I think she is ready for her baby sister to come so she has a real baby! Emma told me how she helped Nanny sew a gown for Baby Taylor last night and that it might not fit her. If it doesn't fit baby Taylor then one of her baby dolls will wear it she reassured me!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


The first is a picture from about a week ago, you can see my Belly is well HUGE!

The second is a picture from this summer when I was first starting to show. Me, Will and Em out on the boat.
We are having pregnancy pictures done this weekend so I should have some to upload so you can see just how huge I am.

Whats in a name?

Well the most popular question used to be is it a girl or a boy but now the question I get most often now is when are you due. I guess my big belly looks like it should be ready to pop any day. To start with those 2 questions it is a girl (so each and every ultrasound tech has told us) and I am technically due 5 weeks from Friday on Dec 12, 2008. Our OB has already told us she will induce me at 39 weeks (God bless her soul) as long as everything looks good with the baby. I'm 99.9% positive I will take her up on this offer. That puts us at Dec. 5th for delivery. So we are going with that date and come Friday we will have 4 weeks left.

So the name game...this took some thought! My first one I knew in high schools what I would name her... Emma Lyn... I fell in love with the name Emma when I got a stuffed bunny rabbit named Emma and Lyn is my middle name and a family name so before Emma was made oh so popular by Rachel on Friends I had it picked out for my little girl. This baby was not quite as easy. Will's father passed when Will was still in high school so he had always wanted to name his child Taylor or some configuration of the name. So I had that to work with and then from there it was fair game. At first I wanted to do Taylyn or Taylee to include the family name and well lets just say we went through a ton of names. We even bought one of those Baby name books and searched on the web trying to find a name. We didn't have much luck making a decision. Then as I began to think of how to include family I realized our moms have the same middle I don't care for this name at all but I did like the ring of Taylor Jane...Jean just rearranged. When I heard the name I just knew as long as WIll agreed thats what it would be. Now some have tried to sway me into a different name but for whatever reason Taylor Jane has stuck with me and that shall be her name!

Purpose for a blog

Well I decided to create a blog to serve more than one purpose. For starters I deleted my myspace account and decided we would be needing a place to post pictures of our little bundle of joy that should be arriving soon. With friends and family being out of town I wanted a place they could go to and read whats going on with our life (as much as I want them to know) and see pictures of our family. Hope everyone enjoys!