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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2 Years of Wedded Bliss!

Well Will and I celebrated 2 years of wedded bliss yesterday (3 years total of being together).  If you know us you know I am using my sarcastic keyboard in typing that :)
We do love each other but it isn't the mushy awww how sweet love!  We are like brother and sister bickering!  New people at Quiznos have actually asked if we were siblings!  LMAO!!

We decided last minute to go out to eat.  We went to Casa Blanca I think its called. (the mexican place by hooters on Riverside!)

I am so excited for our trip to see Seinfeld Live in 2 weeks! Its only a short drive to Nashville but its like a mini vacation for us!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Getting Ready for Rivers and Spires Festival

Well I did a few shows as us crafty people call them.  I'm sure my husband has a different name for them probly something along the lines of Pain in the Ass Days!  At any rate they are festivals or events that have crafters whom sell the products they handcraft.  I decided to jump in feet first and get a booth at Rivers and Spires in Clarksville, TN this year.  So I have been steadily working and getting product ready, I thought I had enough but now I am second guessing myself.  This is a big festival for Clarksville with an estimated 33 thousand people in attendance last year.  It begins on Thursday and concludes Saturday night with the Headlining Charlie Daniels Band!  I am really excited that we should be close enough to hear the CDB play.  We will be located in the Artz Galore area up near public square.  Our Booth is A-44 should you want to check us out.  My Aunt Sherri is coming up from Florida to help me with the show and she has a few products of her own to sell!  I hope everyone will come see us and buy a few things.
The booth is Snugabugz Boutique~!

 Here are 2 Image sheets you can upload and have printed.  The Watermelons I chose because I love watermelon with salt on it in the Summer time.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

iphone, i think we love you!

Will and I have been talking about getting iphones, not just for the cool factor but for the need factor.  I need to process credit cards at shows and track sales etc so we felt it would be a good investment!

Well he got me all excited about getting one then squashed it by not taking me last night.  He did show up at Quiznos today iphone in tow!

So tell me what apps I need to download?  what do you like?

I just need to figure out a cheap way to get ringtones!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Frugal isn't a Dirty Word!

Will and I recently were introduced to the coupon world, I had done it here and there but never really noticed a difference.  Carrie Bean-Armenteros introduced me to the new way to use coupons...with items that are on sale.
Will and I have saved enormous amounts of money by doing this.  I will share my sources for the sale/coupon match up later :)  Today I took my Aldi's Ad and went to is what I got...
3 whole Pineapples (good size) Aldi Ad $0.99 each, Walmart price $3 each,
4: 16 oz strawberries Aldi Ad $0.99 each, Walmarts Sale price $1.50 each,
1: 10 lb bag russett potatoes Aldi Ad $1.49 each, Walmarts price $3.47 each.

I checked out and the lady at the register asked if she could have my Aldi Ad!  Of course I gave it to her!