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Friday, September 10, 2010

Rain Rain Go AWAY!

I have been thinking about the rain today.  We always say "We need some rain" and then when it comes we say "I wish it would stop raining."  Silly us we can't make up our minds.  Days like today make you want to curl up in bed and watch a good movie.  Well no rest for the weary here!  I have been a busy busy bee!  My to do list for today includes uploading the rest of my image sheets to my website.  Getting some orders together to ship out and hopefully starting to write my next magazine article!  You are all going to love my next how to!  It is a felt flower topiary!  Easy yet beautiful!  

Because today is a rainy day be sure to use the code "RAINYDAY" on my website for $1.50 off.  You can get your self a free image sheet with that code.  If you are not purchasing anything just using the code you will need to check out via phone order.  The website is and the images are in "The Boutique"

Thanks for visiting and I'm sure I will be posting pics from our weekend adventure 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ribbon Flower HOW TO!

One of the ladies on a Yahoo group I am a member of was wanting to know how to make these very cute ribbon flowers.  I have been trying to find a use for small pieces of scrap ribbon and so was born this how to!

CHOOSE YOUR FLOWER SIZE:  The only cute center I had on hand was a 1 inch cover button so I opted for a 2.5 inch flower!

CUT YOUR RIBBON PIECES: I am using 3/8 inch grosgrain ribbon. I opted for 11 petals so I started by cutting 11 pieces of  Fuschia 2.5 inches long, then 11 pieces of Dark Purple 2 inches long and then 11 pieces of turquoise 1.5 inches long.  Now you have all these crazy pieces of ribbon lying around!  You could use a wood burner to cut your pieces and seal them in this step.  I have a little one and usually can't use my wood burner so I substitute a lighter later on!
STACK YOUR RIBBON PIECES: Take one of each color place the longest piece on the bottom and stack.  My stack looks like this...fuschia, dark purple and turquoise.  Then fold each piece in half so all the ends match up. I then take my lighter and heat seal all the edges at once.  This is a simple step, just run the lighter along the ends of the ribbon until you see some melting action happen!  Once you see the ribbon melting you have sealed the edges!

SEW YOUR RIBBON PIECES: Now get that needle and thread ready.  I use upholstery thread because it's stronger than regular thread and it's what I have on hand since I use it to sew all my bows!  Simply run the needle through the base of the ribbon stack and tie it in a knot a few times.  Now you have your first petal!  Now make the rest of your petals.  I made 11 for my given flower!
ASSEMBLE YOUR PETALS:  With needle and thread ready, tie a knot at the end of your thread, I like to leave a good bit so it makes tying the whole thing together easier.  Run your needle through the base of each petal, try to stay close to the middle of the base and close to the edge.  After you run it through all the petals, make sure you have what looks like a flower, you might have to flip some petals around.  Then simply pull the thread tight and tie a few knots.
Your flower should look something like this now!
ADD A BACK: I found a plain jane button and centered it on the back of my petals used some hot glue and added it.  It is a tad hard to see in this pic but it is there! Looking for a brown button!
ADD A CUTE CENTER: I flipped the flower over so the front was facing me and added hot glue to the middle blank spot of the flower.  I want to give it extra stability.  I allowed all this glue to dry then I added my center.  I got my bright yellow fabric covered button and hot glued it to the front. 

Now add your clip.  You can add whatever you want here: a pin back, an alligator clip, a small french clip.  Simply glue it to the plain jane button on the back. You're finished!  
Try some different lengths and different color combos and see what you can come up with.  The possibilities are endless.
As usual please don't mind the pics they were taken by me with my iphone.
I will be writing How to Articles for a local magazine so I will have a professional photographer, no more bad pics! YIPPEE!

Feel free to post pics of your creations or questions you might have!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Get Crafty- Embellished Sunhat- Entry #7

This adorable sunhat is the perfect thing to shade your little princess from the hot summer sun! UPF 50 to protect from those harmful rays.  One size infant/toddler sunhat fits approx. ages 6 months-18 months. Adorned with ribbons, bows, and a monogrammed initial button securely sewn on.

Get Crafty- Ruffled Sweetie- Entry #6

A gorgeous Pillow Case Dress with matching ruffled bloomers.  An extra special touch is the matching Daisy Clip Sara is wearing!

Hairbows For Princesses!/pages/Hairbows-For-Princesses/244490865252

Friday, June 4, 2010

Get Craft- Posh Diva- Entry #5

A recent custom order for a sweet little girl named Stella. We went with a zebra, pink, and black theme for this Posh Lil Diva that came with a tutu, personalized tee, coordinating bling'd out leggings with bows, and a bling hair bow.
Melanie Martin
Dimples N Curlz Boutique


Get Crafty- Rock It Rose Zipper Flower Hair clip or broach-Entry #4

Zipper rosettes take girly and rock and mix it up. The industrial feel with the organic shapes of a rose makes me fall in love with accessories all over again.The possiblities of this rose is endless. Order it with a pin back and wear it pinned to a blazer, jacket, blouse, or sweater. Order it on a clip for a scarf, belt, or purse. Clip it into your hair or accent an updo.

Flower is conservatively sized, measuring about 3 inches in diameter

Wendy Turner

Get Crafty- Princess Outfit- Entry #3

Full outfit perfect for the true princess!  Wear all seperate for many different fun outfits!
Kufi Hat with attached bow or flower clippie.
Flip Flops with your choice of any of my bow styles and or bottlecaps.
Tutu made in your color choice as well as made to excat measurements.
Appliqued Shirts, made with any type of applique you could imagine!
Wear the complete outfit for holidays, birthdays, pictures, dress up, and more!
Angi Elliott
Accessories for the Whole Family
Custom Orders are Welcome!
Website: JOIN THE FUN!
Become a Fan:

Get Crafty- Big Girl Flops- Entry #2

These Flip flops are made to appeal to teen and adult customers! The roses are made with zippers! Very trendy!
 Keris's blog is

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Double Ruffle Ribbon Headbands
These headbands are great for any little girl. The headband is 1 inch in width and it covered in Ruffle ribbon, layered with a matching grosgrian ribbon on top. A matching ruffle bow is attached as well.

Time to get Crafty!

I love to craft, maybe its an addiction or maybe I just enjoy the sense of accomplishment as I finish a project.  I don't know what the real motivation is but I know I have long been a crafty girl and still am today.  In fact just last night I had Taylor sipping away on some momma juice (breast feeding) as I crafted a pair of Breast Cancer Awareness Flip Flops.  I started when I was very young, being crafty, I can remember completing my first true sewing project in Middle School which was a vest (they were cool in the 90's).  I continued to sew and embroider, cross stitch do all kinds of creative things.  Today I tend to be found making bottle caps, bows, flip flops among other things.  

I want to know and see what you make.  Send me a pic of your finished project along with a brief description.  I want to have some guest bloggers and some tutorials on my blog so here is your chance to get your name out there and free easy advertising to get people to your website!  I will choose a winner at random and the winner gets a $10 gift Certificate to use on my website (

Now email your entry to me at and in the subject line put Get Crafty!

Now-Go get Crafty!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What a Croc!

Want to score some cheap Crocs?

go to
search prepair
choose your style (flip flops, slides or clogs)
choose your size and color
use code: PREPAIR1499 to take 14.99 off the price
Use Code: springfreeshipping to make shipping free!

Hurry before they are all gone!

I ordered the reasonable black and silver but those pink ones sure are cute!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Will come look there is water everywhere!

This was what I said to Will when we woke up Sunday morning.  I got up with the kids and he was still in bed.  I went to the front door to see what it looked like outside to see barricades to keep people off our street and water surrounding my neighbors house!

There is a sink hold/drainage pond across the street (behind the neighbors house) and it had over flowed into the street.  The street was barricaded to keep people out of the water!  Then I looked behind our house and there was a small pond in my parents back yard!

I hope to post a link to some of the devastation soon so everyone can see it!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2 Years of Wedded Bliss!

Well Will and I celebrated 2 years of wedded bliss yesterday (3 years total of being together).  If you know us you know I am using my sarcastic keyboard in typing that :)
We do love each other but it isn't the mushy awww how sweet love!  We are like brother and sister bickering!  New people at Quiznos have actually asked if we were siblings!  LMAO!!

We decided last minute to go out to eat.  We went to Casa Blanca I think its called. (the mexican place by hooters on Riverside!)

I am so excited for our trip to see Seinfeld Live in 2 weeks! Its only a short drive to Nashville but its like a mini vacation for us!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Getting Ready for Rivers and Spires Festival

Well I did a few shows as us crafty people call them.  I'm sure my husband has a different name for them probly something along the lines of Pain in the Ass Days!  At any rate they are festivals or events that have crafters whom sell the products they handcraft.  I decided to jump in feet first and get a booth at Rivers and Spires in Clarksville, TN this year.  So I have been steadily working and getting product ready, I thought I had enough but now I am second guessing myself.  This is a big festival for Clarksville with an estimated 33 thousand people in attendance last year.  It begins on Thursday and concludes Saturday night with the Headlining Charlie Daniels Band!  I am really excited that we should be close enough to hear the CDB play.  We will be located in the Artz Galore area up near public square.  Our Booth is A-44 should you want to check us out.  My Aunt Sherri is coming up from Florida to help me with the show and she has a few products of her own to sell!  I hope everyone will come see us and buy a few things.
The booth is Snugabugz Boutique~!

 Here are 2 Image sheets you can upload and have printed.  The Watermelons I chose because I love watermelon with salt on it in the Summer time.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

iphone, i think we love you!

Will and I have been talking about getting iphones, not just for the cool factor but for the need factor.  I need to process credit cards at shows and track sales etc so we felt it would be a good investment!

Well he got me all excited about getting one then squashed it by not taking me last night.  He did show up at Quiznos today iphone in tow!

So tell me what apps I need to download?  what do you like?

I just need to figure out a cheap way to get ringtones!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Frugal isn't a Dirty Word!

Will and I recently were introduced to the coupon world, I had done it here and there but never really noticed a difference.  Carrie Bean-Armenteros introduced me to the new way to use coupons...with items that are on sale.
Will and I have saved enormous amounts of money by doing this.  I will share my sources for the sale/coupon match up later :)  Today I took my Aldi's Ad and went to is what I got...
3 whole Pineapples (good size) Aldi Ad $0.99 each, Walmart price $3 each,
4: 16 oz strawberries Aldi Ad $0.99 each, Walmarts Sale price $1.50 each,
1: 10 lb bag russett potatoes Aldi Ad $1.49 each, Walmarts price $3.47 each.

I checked out and the lady at the register asked if she could have my Aldi Ad!  Of course I gave it to her!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Giveaway of the day 3-31-10

So in order to drive my followers here is the contest for today!

Become a follower and invite your friends to become followers of my Blog.

To help me track it when you become a follower leave a comment with your name and something fun about you! When your friends become my followers have them leave their name and that you sent them.

I will run this until Friday 4-2-10 4 pm central time!

The winner will receive a $10 Gift Card to Quiznos.

Back at it!

So I realize my update is long over due, and here is the quick version.

Taylor Jane is a year old (16 months to be accurate)
Emma is 6 (at NorthEast Elementary School)
Will and I moved back into the house we own and are working on repainting and fixing. We had renters in it for over a year and there is a ton to do!

My online business has taken off nicely ( and we will be participating in Rivers and Spires Festival ( to sell my products!

I will be using my blog more proactively and will be posting giveaways and freebies!

We recently became couponers, and are saving tons at the grocery store!

Stay Tuned!