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Friday, September 28, 2012

Felt Flowers Ring DIY

So lately I've grabbed an addiction to felt! Now there are a million different felt flowers you can make and many of them will look great on a ring. This just happens to be one I had already used my Sizzix Big Shot to cut out.  Call me lazy?  (Hey don't call me lazy I'm writing this tutorial damn it!  Your just sitting on the couch reading it!)
If you don't have a Sizzix you can find the pre-cut pieces here.

Start off with your die cut piece of felt.  I used the Sizzix 3d flower die. This is what it looks like straight out of the die cutter (is that really what it is called??).

Results from Die Cut
Once you unravel your perfect die cut it should look something like this. A long scalloped piece.
Die Cut Unrolled
Now there is really no right or wrong way to roll this up.  I tend to be a little glue happy so here is how I do it.  I put a dot of glue on the very end and then fold it over.  Then you will see there are, what I refer to as, points. Give each point a dot of glue and wrap.  I do a few dots at a time, wrap it around then a few more dots.

First Fold (Top view)

First Fold (Front View) 

This is what your front will look like...

Finished Flower

This is what the back should look like... 
I put a dollop of glue and press the last little circle down.  If you don't use a die cut piece of felt you can always cut a circle of felt and glue it to the bottom for a finished look.
Finished Flower (Bottom View)

Here is my ring blank...of course I sell them on my website, and my Etsy.  Unfortunately I don't' keep up with either of those as well as I should so you can always email me and tell me you want some.
Filigree Ring Base

You simply glue your felt flower to your ring base.  This go around I used Hot Glue as I have recently heard it will hold up.  I have also used E6000, but it takes much longer to dry. I typically place the ring on my finger so I'm sure to get the flower centered, but even that leads to a fail a good portion of the time. Of course you can make any variety of felt flower to put on your ring.
Finished Ring (Side View)

Finished Ring

Finished Ring

Happy Crafting everyone!

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