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Friday, September 10, 2010

Rain Rain Go AWAY!

I have been thinking about the rain today.  We always say "We need some rain" and then when it comes we say "I wish it would stop raining."  Silly us we can't make up our minds.  Days like today make you want to curl up in bed and watch a good movie.  Well no rest for the weary here!  I have been a busy busy bee!  My to do list for today includes uploading the rest of my image sheets to my website.  Getting some orders together to ship out and hopefully starting to write my next magazine article!  You are all going to love my next how to!  It is a felt flower topiary!  Easy yet beautiful!  

Because today is a rainy day be sure to use the code "RAINYDAY" on my website for $1.50 off.  You can get your self a free image sheet with that code.  If you are not purchasing anything just using the code you will need to check out via phone order.  The website is and the images are in "The Boutique"

Thanks for visiting and I'm sure I will be posting pics from our weekend adventure 

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